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Old Lighthouse

On Garðskagi you can find two lighthouses, the older one and also the smaller of the two was once regarded as one of the best lighthouses in Iceland because it stood low and therefore mist was not a problem. Although there was risk of the lighthouse being damaged because of surf and it was sometimes not visible because of seastorm. The Old Lighthouse, built in 1897, is the second oldest lighthouse in Iceland and also the second oldest concrete building. Now restored to near original condition it can be rented for private meetings, wedding, parties or groups outside opening hours. 


The New Lighthouse

A new lighthouse was built on Garðskagi in 1944. At 28 metres it is the highest lighthouse in Iceland. It is a five floor building with a 360 degree lookout platform at the top. Visitors can take their time climbing to the top and view our photo shows on their way. 



Röstin Restaurant 

Restaurant Röstin on the second floor of the Heritage and Maritime Museum of Garðskagi is offers burgers, lamb, fish and more for a very reasonable price. Its only about 20 m from the coast and has fantastic view of the ocean. 



Garðskagi Museum

The museum was first opened in November 1995 in the old processing houses in Garður. The museum has both a Folk and Maritime Museum. It has an outstanding engines collection of Guðni Ingimundarson. There are over 60 engines on display and almost every one of them in functional. Many important items from the municipal history of Garður are located in the museum, items that were essential for the livelihood on both land and sea. 

The Museum is a great point of interest for visitors as it tells the story of how fishing developed and the history of the people who lived and worked in the community. 

Daily Opening Hours:  


Visits outside of opening hours available upon request

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